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This is the DNS Hammer v1.1.
Extract the executable from the zip archive into a directory of your choice and double-click to run.
DNShammer.exe comes with a digital signature. The SHA1 hash of signed executable is :
Version history:
v1.1, 26-Jan-2021
  • The executable is now signed.
v1.1, 15-Dec-2020
  • New charts shows bytes send and bytes received
  • Rudimentary report gives statistical information in text form
  • Minor bug fixes
Known restrictions:
  • DNS queries over IPv6 generate send errors.
  • No mutex is used, allowing for multiple instances of DNS Hammer to run simultaneously. This is not supported.
  • No installer
Features for future versions:
  • Add support for queries over IPv6.
  • Add a new function "first glance" to get a first impression of the server.
  • Only allocate the number of required sockets (currently DNS Hammer always opens 15.000 UDP sockets for the duration of the test).
  • Improve the report (more details, better style)